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Let’s amore – Sicilian café and aperitivo bar

Julliette and Tony are the proud parents of Folkestone Harbour’s latest café.  Situated in The Signal Box, Let’s Amore serves authentic Italian aperitivo – light snacks such as arancini, pizza frittas and focaccia sandwiches. In the true spirit of Italian living and dining, everyone is welcome and it’s a family affair at both sides of the bar. In Sicily, where Tony is from, it’s customary to meet friends over Aperitivo: small savoury bites packed with Sicilian flavours.  Be prepared for pistachio cream, mortadella and exciting combinations of ingredients, washed down with Aperol spritzers, Prosecco or juices for the non-alcoholics.  Folkelife met Julliette, a Taurus, to learn about their journey to Folkestone.

“I’m a writer and an astrologer and with my partner Tony we’ve had a Sicilian pop-up food business in London for a few years.  This is a family investment in ourselves with our daughter, and an investment in Folkestone too.  Our daughter was born just as Lockdown was imposed and we had quite a surreal experience.  Leaving the hospital it was like walking down the road in a zombie movie; and having to work from home you were forced to swap your office for a different one at home.  So we opened a street food venture selling Italian foods that you don’t normally get on a British menu.”

Let's Amore Family
Let's Amore More Ham
Let's Amore Inside
Aranchi Balls
Cheese and Ham

a family affair

“My step-father loves making coffee and he’s ready and trained to be serving.  When my mum heard this she said ‘well, I guess this is a family affair then!’ but she’s really excited about being involved too.  That’s the feel we want to have; to have a place that’s suitable for all the family to enjoy some of my favourite food.  I love the nibbling aspect of aperitivo – tasty bites rather than ‘just crisps’ with your Prosecco.  The Chicken Milanese is very good too.  Tony trained at Ceccioni’s in Mayfair and also worked at the Soho House Collective, so I’d say his standards are quite high.”

sicilian flavours

“Our pizza fritta is a lighter version of a calzone and is fried.  It’s got more exciting ingredients than a normal calzone (of ham and cheese and tomato) so we’re going to be adding that to our menu once we get started. One ingredient that Sicilians use a lot is pistachio cream.  It’s on the bases of pizzas, everything.  We’re going to have it in our focaccia sandwiches.  Tony makes the most wonderful, delicious, bready focaccia and makes them into sandwiches with mortadella, pistachio cream and burrata.  That one is called The Gloria, after Tony’s sister.”

He’ll be making arancini with different fillings, Sicilian-style croissants for breakfast, some filled with custard…delicious coffees and we’ll take it from there.”

community spirit

What I love about this area is the sense of community here.  I’m not a creative in an artistic sense, but I love the creativity of Folkestone.  It feels as though this creative spirit has really brought everyone together to support each other.  Yes, you need that initial investment, but then when it takes off, all of these different people are responsible for the success of the town.  It’s great to be coming a part of that, and bringing some Sicilian flavour to the scene too.”

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